The Country Touch brings you great meals!

The Country Touch menu features fresh breakfast meals like Eggs Benedict (pictured) and many unique Omelettes like the Chili Verde Omelette, an omelette smothered with fresh chili verde and served with corn or flour tortillas. There are also many classic breakfasts to choose from like Bacon and Eggs, French Toastn on Homemade bread, Pancakes and many other family favorites. Check out the Breakfast menu.

Country Touch also serves fresh and quick lunch meals. Try our fresh and crisp Hawaiian Chicken Salad (pictured), our delicious BBQ beef sandwich or our Homemade Meatloaf entree. And don't forget that Thursday is Homemade Tortilla Soup Day and Friday is Homemade Clam Chowder day! Take a peek at the Lunch menu.

Also make sure to visit the restaurant and check out their daily specials!

Download a copy of the Country Touch menu.